Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Minggu ke-21

Pada minggu ke-21, kita akan mengalami banyak perubahan sementara bayi dalam kandungan pula membesar dengan perlahan. Jadi penjagaan kesihatan agar senantiasa sihat dan bertenaga amat penting. Kita perlu elakkan daripada melakukan kerja-kerja berat yang boleh membebankan bahagian belakang. Malah kita perlu mengelakkan dari memakai kasut bertumit tinggi. sumber

pregnancy cartoon
Gaya bakal ibu pada minggu ke 21.. iyeke.. iye la tu kn.. sgt2 berselera :D

What is going on with your baby during week 21?
Your baby is now just over 7 ¼ inches long from crown to rump (18cm); the size of a banana. Baby weighs just over 10 ½ oz (300g), still a featherweight. From this point onwards your baby will focus on gaining weight rather than growing in length. Baby will double in length but weight-wise there will be about a 12-fold increase. There is a slowdown in growth but different organ systems within the baby are maturing. By this time the fetal digestive system is able to swallow amniotic fluid; after swallowing, the fetus absorbs much of the water and the rest of the fluid is passed into the large bowel. Researchers believe swallowing amniotic fluid may help in growth and development of the digestive system; it also helps the digestive system to function after birth. Evidence indicates babies at full term may swallow large amounts of fluid as much as 17 oz or 500ml in a 24-hour period. Essential nutrients are passed to the baby from the amniotic fluid.

What is going on with You?
In addition to your growing uterus, other parts of your body continue to grow and change. You may find yourself with swollen feet and lower legs at the end of the day. Your weight gain should be in the 10-15 pounds or 4.5-6.3kg range. Your waistline is definitely gone; it would be hard to hide your condition. You are also likely to be feeling hot most of the time due to the metabolic changes of pregnancy. source

smlm g cek kat klinik kerajaan sek 7, kena minum air gula yg sgt2 x sedap huhuhu.. nanti cite ek.. de keje nak wat sat

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